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A not for profit club, fostering an interest in woodwork throughout the local community.

Our club has approximately 125 members including both men and women.  Groups are formed to meet the interests of the members - our common interest is a passion for woodworking.  Current groups include cabinet making, carving, woodturning, pyrography and scroll sawing, all groups operate from the club house.  The Club has a monthly general meeting of all members on the 1st or 2nd Weekend at around 11AM on the Sunday in the clubrooms in Ironbark Rd, Yarrambat - visitors are most welcome.  



We are involved in club events during the year with our Annual Exhibition being the highlight of the year.  We also assist other community groups and associations on a regular basis and others on an ad hoc basis.

Whatever your skills, project ideas or ability we have them all covered. Check out the Club's special interest groups below.
Annual Exhibition 

Despite the unfortunate cancellation of the Eltham Rotary Festival due to the weather, our annual exhibition at the Eltham Community and Reception Centre was still on - and a great success. Many thanks to all the visitors over the two days.

Saturday November 12 and Sunday November 13 from 9AM to 5PM each day.

There will be a lot of club member produced items on display and most are for sale. Ranging from small jewellery boxes, serving platters and cutting boards, turned vases and bowls, pyrography and scroll sawn items to items of small and large furniture.

There will also be a room of demonstrations by members and visitors of most of the craft work done at the club. There will also be the usual setup for all young children to complete a small woodwork item to take home free, and a sales table of many items not on display in the main auditorium but offered for sale.    

The raffle will be drawn on Sunday at 4:30pm and you have a chance to purchase raffle tickets on both days.

Raffle prizes for this year's raffle are shown here.

First prize is a magnificent Japanese inspired Ironbark garden seat. The other prizes in order are: a redgum coffee table, jewellery box, turned bowl, ukulele and a giant coinnect4 game. All prizes made by club members.

Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 5.28.30 pm (002).png

At left is a snapshot just a part of one of our exhibitions from a few years ago.

The setup at the Community Centre this November will be similar, with possibly many more items on display (maybe the results of 3 years in the making!)








Saturday and Sunday of the Eltham Rotary Festival November 12th and 13th from 9:00AM each day - Eltham Community and Reception Centre.


Great work at home during the lockdown

Well it looks like a lot of members have been very busy at home during the six months of the club's lock down and these pictures taken from the EDWC private facebook group page are only a sample of the fine work posted.


Our Groups - Click or tap the image for more information

scroll saw.jpg
Scroll saw group

The club has a number of scroll saws and a very active group lead by some very experienced and fine exponents of the craft, catering for old hands and learners alike.

Box Making Group

The activities of the Box making group is rather self explanatory. Members  use these group sessions to work on or be guided in the process of making boxes of any size,  shape or use.

mentoring group.JPG
carving group.jpg
Carving Group

The carving group meet twice monthly on the first and third Friday morning and enjoy the social aspect as well as sharing in the progress and quality of their work.

2019 exhibition guitars small.jpg
Instrument Group

The club has a couple of experienced luthiers and many enthusiastic instrument makers completing a range of projects as broad as guitars, ukuleles, 3 and 4 string CBGs and violins.

open workshop.JPG
Woodturning Group

We have a number of very experienced woodturners and two different group sessions catering for all levels of wood turning, with enough lathes of various sizes for all types of projects.

horses small.JPG
Pyrography Group

The word comes from the Greek “pur” (fire) and “graphos” (writing), meaning writing with fire. In modern practise, this is more drawing than writing, with some artists creating truly fantastic pieces of art.

wes workshop.jpg
Mentoring Group

Monday mornings at the club are set aside for mentoring new members, including project making and training on all the general wood working machinery.

General Workshops

There are a few sessions each week where any club member may attend and work on their own particular project or collaborative projects.

Wes' Workshop

This group meets weekly to work on the particular children’s toy that will be available for all children attending the annual exhibition to assemble and take home.

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